River of All Possibilities

The new CD is here! I spent today putting together the CDs with the accompanying 32-page book, full of beautiful art (including a painting created especially for this ritual!) and suggestions for approaching the Otherworld through this music.

If you are in the area, please come to the Temple next Sunday, January 15, where we will perform the work recorded on the CD while actually conducting the ritual for which it is intended.

Why ritual? Many reasons, but the present time is especially compelling. It seems that our entire society is plunging toward darkness. If we do not clarify our intentions and crystallize our commitment to our vision of a better world, we will be torn headlong into a worse one. This is true collectively, but I don’t pretend that our small group can change that. But our focus, our concentration, and our music will surely change the way we experience the world. It may be our last chance to assert our authentic spiritual experience before being assaulted by massive freakouts.

If you don’t think this is a problem for you—or if you don’t believe in doing ritual as a way to prepare yourself for it—fine. Come and just enjoy the music. It will not disappoint you. Here is a sample:

If you can’t come on January 15th, but want to find out what we’re up to, ask me for a CD. The cost is $20 each (CD+book), plus $5 for mailing.

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