CD Release Party and Ritual

Last Sunday’s CD Release party for “River of All Possibilites” was a great success!

We conducted the complete ritual with a boatload of guests, many of whom I’d never met before, and everyone was delighted with it.

A confession: I’ve been working on the “shamanic jazz” concept for about 10 years now, and there have been long stretches of time when I felt discouraged or frustrated. Collaborators came and went, but we never had much of a following. I wondered if my presentations would ever connect with people the way I intended.

Now those doubts are laid to rest. Feeling the joy of 20 or so people transcending the ordinary with my musical guidance, and hearing their enthusiasm about the transformative experience afterward, providees exactly the reward I was looking for.

And now, with the CD and guidebook ready to ship, I can share this with more people.

Here are some photos from the party. (There are more on the way, as more people share theirs with me).

And some video:
Getting ready for trance (last two choruses of Kristen):

           After the journey’s end:

We did not allow any photos or recording during the trance part of the ritual, of course. However, you can hear a sample of the trance music (and read a bit of the narration) HERE.

I have not built a separate web site for ordering the CD; just email me to get a copy. ToTeM”at”

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