The right neighborhood

Most of my outdoors excursions, for the last several years, are either alone, or with my friend, an athletic, energetic guy about 20 years Sandyyoumeadow flowersnger than me. If I didn’t have such a friend, I would need to invent one, to make sure I got enough exercise.

Recently I’ve started going out with a different sort of companion. Sandy and I have  become keenly aware of how our spiritual visions converge, since she contributed so much to my ritual CD package. Our mutual interest in ritual consciousness and nature impels us to go on nature-magic quests together.

Mostly because it’s convenient for her, we go walking at Ragle Ranch, an open-space area straddling Atascadero Creek, west of Sebastopol. It doesn’t have the glorious hills and dramatic views that inspire my usual treks, but years of developing relationships with the plant communities here has given Sandy a comparable source of inspiration.

On this sort of ramble, it’s quite normal to spend time contemplating various plants.  Not just the great, old, charismatic trees, but the ephemeral wildflowers which are now so abundant.

On this particular walk, we notice that the blackberries which are so abundant here, and the wild roses growing around them, have an exceptionally rich supply of flowers this season. I already knew that, because I’ve needed to take extra doses of allergy medicine to deal with the pollen; but seeing it up close gives rise to questions. What happens with all the extra fruit that will come from these flowers? Is there a ripple effect through the food chain, as the supply attracts more animals?

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So we are walking through this natural garden, and there’s no one else around because it’s such a gray and chilly day. Which is kind of how we planned it, because we want to be focusing on our shamanic experience here, and not interacting with people.

We come to this little trail going down through the bushes to the stream, and there’s a bunch of people there. Sandy says, I think we should go here. Which I thought a bit odd since we came to avoid people. But I trust her intuition here, so we go down to meet them.

1298 Faerie questIt’s a young family, with three little kids around 5 years old, and the first thing the mom says to us is– Can you help us? The kids are looking for fairies. Have you seen any fairies around here?

🙃   🤣  ❤️💚💜  🙏

Wow, I think. You sure picked the right people to ask…  and we picked the right neighborhood to go wandering in.

One thought on “The right neighborhood

  1. Fairies are easier to hear than see. I think the kids’ question arose because they’d been listening already. Sometimes a gray and chilly day makes the devas and fairies quite talkative. Ragle was fairly a-babble that afternoon.


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