Wat Palad 2020

Time to revisit my favorite forest temple.
I’ve lost count, is this my third or fourth blog post about the same place?
But every visit brings to light new details, or the same wonderful details revealed in a new light.
During the rainy season, it’s especially green.

First stop, at the upper entrance, there are two small shrines that I’ve stopped at and photographed many times before. But today, my companion Rafi sees a view I never noticed (top photo). And then, an open area behind the shrine, that I’ve walked by many times before, suddenly appears as a beautiful little park.

1 back

The old rock wall that along the entrance road….

2. rock wall

The old stupa at the core of the temple complex…

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There are great and small stairways all over the place, each with its guardians. The Dakini guardians at the main patio look great in jewels:

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The dragon stairs start at the very bottom of the complex–to arrive there and be confronted by the dragons, you’d literally have to climb a cliff. Perhaps they are there to celebrate the cascading stream next to the, more than to guard.

9. upper guardians

Next stop…

10 lower guardians

Moving toward higher ground, the path gets a little wilder, as do the guardians:
5 guardians of the sacred wild

Great view today

7. pool view


8. Rafi

Butterflies along the stream, and a single wild blossom

6 blossom

Finally, in the farthest corner, a new path to a new shrine in the forest–temporarily restrained by a serendipitous bamboo fall.

11. forest Buddha

One thought on “Wat Palad 2020

  1. Thanks for turning me on to this place, Alan, I can’t count the times I’ve gone and it’s always amazing. Excellent shot of the city with the water! Great day — See Ya Soon!


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