Return to Faerie

For those unfamilar with Faerie, it may be thought of as a realm, or a plane of existence, that only partially intersects the natural world. The phenomena that appear at those points of intersection are variously called The Fae, or Fairies, or the Sidhe, or other things. My earliest experiences in this realm were reported in my story “Slumming in Faerie,” which you may want to seek out. (I’m not providing a link because my non-disclosure agreement with agents of that realm bar me from making it too easy to find.)

Anyway, it’s been a long time since I visited, but this was the day. (The horoscope is intense: a cardinal Grand Cross. This will be quite a test.)

We should have known something was up when we were sitting at breakfast, and a sea-eagle flew directly over our heads. Of course, that could be a random encounter; but we might have recognized it as a harbinger. The ambiguity was cleared up a few minutes later, when we were walking back to our room, and this plumeria blossom came to dance in midair, right in front of our eyes

Most of my past encounters with Faerie have been deep in the woods, but this is just in the garden of our little resort hotel.

So, at a suitable time, we join with some ancient allies to go deeper. (I’m not free to name our helpers, but I can say that a famous caterpillar is a traditional guide, while an anonymous avatar of Ganesh provided logistical support.

Thus fortified, we return to the garden… turn up the sound!

Time to roll out the welcome for the Hidden Ones. Music is my favorite way to do this.


What better way to complete an experience of the Otherworld than to follow a labyrinth to a sunset on the beach?

Beach sunsets are the epitome of earthly beauty, and in this garden, a goddess graces the reflecting pool where that beauty is magnified.

And yet, paradoxically, she is not even looking at the lovely reflections in her pool. What is she looking at?
Hand on heart, she gazes into eternity. Infinite love surpassing earthly beauty.

Of course, I can only report some of the day’s peripheral events. The heart of the experience of crossing between the worlds cannot be transmitted in words. And the photo at the top of the post doesn’t really tell you anything about Faerie; I just thought it was a nice shot.

I hope I haven’t answered all your questions.

One thought on “Return to Faerie

  1. So very nice to hear from you again and on Faerie. Thank you. We have a small concrete pool in our back yard and after seeing your resort pool, thought I might put a small statue in it. You and your spirit friends have inspired me. What a lovely life you have created for yourself and your partner!


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