Many Lives

I spend a lot of time on deep thoughts. Not thoughts about my own life; I try to treat that with a light touch (at least as far as thinking goes). But the world in general, the big picture of life and consciousness. So it was amusing to me when a young visitor began to offer ideas about our past lives together—information she had channeled from an alien intelligence. We didn’t get as far as any specifics, but the questions raised were weighty, and of a nature that I rarely get to discuss. So I wrote her this note, explaining my point of view. I’m sharing it here, just in case anyone else is ever interested.

A couple of things I want to say about past lives. And about getting guidance from aliens, too.

First, I don’t think past lives are important most of the time. Getting beyond the illusion that we have only one life is a big step, and learning enough details about “your” past lives helps bring present issues into perspective, for sure. But then, people can get attached to the illusion that they are separate beings having all this personal history. I don’t buy that. We are all one being, having infinite lives. So the next step is to go beyond the personal past, and embrace compassion for everything, everywhere.

Of course, working out details of past lives is perfectly appropriate for most people at some stage of their growth, so I support that when someone really wants to do it. But if someone asked me to tell them about their past life stuff with me, I would probably decline, unless I had a very strong mutual trust established with that person. The thing that matters to your growth is your experience, your POV from your past, compared to how you might reinterpret it now. If I explain it from my POV, it is less likely to advance your understanding, and might interfere with it. So I’m very careful. that’s my ethical outlook on the process.

You don’t have to worry about me, though, you can tell me whatever you want.
(This is because I spent some years clearing out past life traumas, so I’m prepared tor whatever gets thrown at me in this arena)

Next, about channeling messages.

People have always found ways to communicate with the spirit world. Paleolithic shamans communicated with animal spirits (and maybe plants), and there’s no doubt that these spirits are a wise as any. Gods, fairies, genii, angels, demons. Only since we have been exploring space has the symbolism of “alien” spirits become popular—but it’s the same kind of communication.

Maybe our ancestors were naïve to think that the spirits they heard belonged to the earth, or to a spirit world separate from the physical world. Or maybe we are naïve to think we can locate these intelligences in “space” as astronomers know it; future generations will have different paradigms for describing this kind of intelligence.

In my shamanic work, I prefer the old earthy spirits, animal allies et al. That’s a matter of personal taste. But whenever I hear spiritual wisdom attributed to “aliens,” I want to ask—
                         When did you become alienated from that wisdom?
Because something is only “alien” if you have lost the connection to it. Fundamentally, we are all connected, all wisdom is connected, intrinsic.

The fact that modern people congregate around the idea that wisdom comes from aliens is a profound condemnation of our culture.

In my opinion, of course. If you are getting good information by using that approach, you don’t need my approval. I just find it kind of — kinky.

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