The Greening of the Year

December, after the first big rains, when the ground has soaked up enough water to restore its life-giving urge after the long drought of summer. First, the grasses spout fresh green, the old yellow stalks falling (top photo). Then the mushrooms, especially in all kinds of woodlands. Later, the trees will soak up the water and burst forth with new buds.

Here in this shady oak forest, the earth is bursting everywhere with the beautiful, deadly, Amanita phalloides.

The scenery is enhanced everywhere by the the greening ot grass, tree-fungus, and lichen.

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Something I have not seen before: two trees practicing jiu-jitsu. It appears that the well-rooted dark-barked tree on the right is throwing its un-rooted light-barked companion over its back. What fun!

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