A New Platform

For five years, I’ve been publishing blog pieces on a Blogspot platform. That has not worked well for quite some time. Display is out of control, as is navigation. Let’s see if this WordPress platform inspires me.

So to start, I’m digging up material from six months ago that I never got around to posting.

Last August, I joined Guy on another hike on Mt. Tam. On the south side, near Bootjack (above Muir Woods), deep in the fir forest. A little creek is still running, despite it being the dryest season of a horribly dry year after horribly dry year. What a precious gift this water is!

Farther along the trail…. This tree seems to be encoded with secret messages. I didn’t have time or wit to decipher them.

Getting Guy to laugh is easy, until he sees the camera. Then, I have to trick him.

Okay, that was my test post for today. Stay tuned…


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