Bali 2022-5 Gunung Paradise

Occasionally in my travels, I’ve had occasion to remark upon some detail of our lodging: a delightful interface with its natural setting, a great view, or some interesting architectural detail. But this is the first time I write a whole post about a lodging. It’s that impressive.

Up a narrow mountain road from the north coast, near Banjar. Then find the little village alley that branches off. Then miss the entrance—there was a sign at the gate, but it was being re-painted, thus unreadable. Thanks again to Google maps, we identify the entrance gate, where a short driveway goes to the top of a hill.

The first thing I notice is a change in the atmosphere. I didn’t need any drugs to feel that we were in an enchanted hideaway, where we could readily talk to the gods, or the Fae, if we chose.

The house at the top is European in size and style; it looks like a colonial manor. I guess, at first, that it is an original from the 1920s or 30s. When I talk to the owner’s wife, she says no, that was the stylistic intent, but it was built only 20 or 30 years ago. And while her husband had designed it with Balinese tradition in mind, he travels a lot, so when she found herself in charge, she remodeled everything. “So now, it’s neo-colonial,” she offers, with amusement.

We are the only guests, so we have full run of the private garden. What a joy! (watch video on large screen)

Now on my wishlist: come back here for a consciousness-expansion retreat.

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