Bali 2022-4 Pemutaran

Most of our travels take us to islands, or places with beaches. This is not an accident: we love the seashore, and I particularly love snorkeling, where marine life abounds. (Lots of stories, and some videos, on my past blog, if you want to look)

Bali has some noteworthy snorkeling destinations. While it’s easy to find boats to take you to the ideal snorkeling reef, I sometime struggle to climb back on board. Better, maybe, to find a location where the reef is so close to the beach that you can just swim to it. And my research reveals that Bali does have such places.

The North coast of Bali is much quieter than the south, and the beaches are just fine. In Ubud, tourist season is in full swing, but here in Pemutaran (west of the better-known Lovina resorts), the big tourist hotel is nearly empty, and the beach is deserted.

My first snorkel outing was at an artificial reef project, reputed to be the best spot to see all kinds of fish. I saw fish, but the water was too cloudy to see much. The local dive shop manager told me afterward that the tide was unfavorable; better visibility in the morning.

The next morning we walked to another noted attraction, a seaside temple. Both the sculpture and the solitude were impressive.

Someone has built a swing on the adjacent beach. Esso takes delight in playing in the high tide, while I explore the sea.

And what did I see? Fish, but not many, and most dull-colored—not at all like the brilliant reef fish I’m used to. Still, a nice outing.

Stay tuned for my second stab at beach-based snorkeling

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