Bali 2022-1 Monkey Forest

The “sacred monkey forest” is the most famous tourist attraction in Ubud. The monkeys are quite accustomed to visitors, and the youngsters are not at all disturbed by the humans walking around them. But a sudden move by an adult monkey spooks them.

Children at play

I saw a much younger baby playing by itself, but when it ventured too close to people (not on video), Mom ran up, scooped up the baby and carried it to a quieter spot.

Don’t forget this is a sacred forest. The big temple is closed to outsiders, but we got a good look at a sacred spring–and the beautiful bridges that lead to it.

We are well aware of the proclivity of monkeys to steal from tourists, so we’re careful not to walk around with anything loose. After a long-ish hike through the forest, I find a bench to sit and rest. A young monkey soon comes to join me, and I politely move away. But she follows me and…

…jumps on my back, UNZIPS my backpack, and makes off with a brightly-labeled bottle of iced tea. Definitely a professional!

No matter. It’s a happy time for us.

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