Eclipse ritual

I do rituals on many occasions, based on extensive training in shamanism, Wicca, and other neoPagan traditions. But I don’t have a regular routine, nor do I keep a Book of Shadows as a guide. Everything is ad lib—or as my great teacher Anodea says, “in the sacred WingIt tradition.”

Occasionally my unpreparedness, my open mind, allows something to happen that is more appropriate than anything I could have done from precalculation. I like to take note of such moments because sometimes they point to an idea that could be used again.

I’m working with my lover, Esso, who has no preconception at all about these traditions. We started during the solar eclipse in Gemini (not especially exciting to watch from our location, but still a time of powerful magic). I explain to her that we are in a great shadow, so any part of our shadows—or really, any part of us that has been spending too much time in the shadow—can best be engaged now. At first, that’s a scary idea for some: aren’t there bad things in the shadows? I say, if you feel fear, it is not in response to the power of another, over which you would have no control; rather, it is a sign that you have forgotten something important, left it in the shadow too long. Best to ask for it back. Or at least start a conversation with the Shadow-self.

While starting to cast the circle, I suddenly remembered something else I’d learned about eclipse magic: more power to cast the circle Widdershins (normally, the direction of banishing)—banishing the sun first, and then bring it back when finished. So I turned around and sealed the circle widdershins.

That reminds me that we can’t just take, we have to dispel, as well: some things have been getting more than a fair share of attention, i.e. of light, and should be given some “sleep” time in the shadow. So it’s a trade!

What emerged from this this core idea was priceless! What I expected to find in the Shadow was something despised, and forgotten (or darkened) by design. Instead, we found some of our most precious talents, which have only been darkened by forgetfulness.

I won’t go into more detail in a blog. I’ll just say, if I kept a Book of Shadows, this would be a keeper.

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