(Repost) Dream: Golden Dawn

(I ran across this old entry while looking for another story. It grabs my fancy today, so I’m reposting it)

DREAM: I’m in a world that might be the Astral plane, but there’s nothing especially spacey about it; the people there seem to be just as distinct as earthly people. I almost want to call them “angels” but there’s nothing intimidating about them.

They have, in general, no gender, or at least nothing like the binary sort of gender we are used to, so in this recounting I’ll use the pronouns “hey/hem” as the singular of they/them.
I’m in a conversation with a citizen and I’ve given hem something hey likes; maybe a musical idea, but I didn’t retain this detail of the story. Hey asks what hey can give me in return, and I say something about money.
Everyone laughs. Sure, fine! You know, don’t you, that money has no value here? Of course, I answer. Since I’m your guest, it’s only polite to make sure you get the best of the bargain. That pleases them, and they make me feel welcome.

Now someone tells me that the regular transit system for getting back to earth has a temporary glitch, so they’ve arranged a special escort for me with a group called the Golden Dawn, whenever I wish to go. I’m grateful, but I have questions:
—Must I return to earth? Oh, don’t you want to finish your business there before emigrating here permanently? Well, yes. 
— Will the Golden Dawn escort me back here when I’m ready? If you wish, but you don’t need them. Your natural buoyancy would bring you here anyway, once you are disentangled.
— Then do I really need an escort going down? Try it if you like, but if you go down un-Guided, you would get entangled; especially with the regular transit system not working. A clear dive into lower realms takes teamwork and preparation, until one achieves mastery of it.
—Okay. Then if I return here by natural buoyancy, how do I find you, or get to the right place? Oh, transit on this plane is no problem. We all just use Drift. You decide where you want to go, and Drift there.
I wanted to know more, but then I wake up, the rising sun shining golden on the sea.

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