The Sky is Alive!

A couple of weeks ago, after an uncomfortable delay, the hot season finally gave way to the first big rains, inspiring this:

The sky is alive again!
I have been wondering –what if I don’t really belong here. The air, the earth, the water here are not comforting me.
My soul, hollowed out and thirsty.

Now I awake to wind and thunder. The soothing presence of storm clouds refreshes my breath, my skin, and yes, my soul.
It may rain, or perhaps I will just spend an afternoon gazing at dancing clouds, sparking and booming here and there over the valley.
Either way, I am home again, in a place of love.

And then, as if in answer to my opening heart, the symphony of raindrops on the rooftop fills my ears.

But more dry, hot days came, renewing my distress. Until… I see this storm over Doi Suthep:


An hour later, the same storm has come to our home:

I look at the position of the sun. On Doi Pui, to the west, one might be looking at our house, and see the rainbow ending here.

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