Koh Lanta

AQI mapSmokey season has arrived early in Chiang Mai, and we are in need of some fresh air. The nearest fresh air is at the beaches in the south. Incidentally, we love the beach. So the only question is, which beach? Something less commercialized than Phuket, Ao Nang, or Koh Samui, but not such a tedious trip to get to as Koh Chang. We have never tried Koh Lanta, which seems to fit the bill. So, right after Valentine’s Day, we’re off.

The nearest airport is Krabi; it’s about a 2-hour ride from there. We don’t like the cramped seating in the shuttle vans, so we try Grab. The price is right, and we end up in a luxuriously upholstered taxi. The roads are good, but there is a wait to get on the ferry to the island. Once on the boat, we can start admiring the scenery.

The hotel is not fancy, and “high season” officially ended on January 31, so prices are quite good—especially considering the great location, and the view. We are happy to be here!

(Those thatched-roof bungalows between the pool and beach belong to the resort next door. Perhaps, before the hotel was built, there was a real native village that looked like this).

Having a good time…

The three main attractions here are the beaches; the sunsets on the beaches; and the food. Krabi province has some of the best seafood in the country, plus a unique Andaman cuisine that features the best ideas from Thailand, India, and Malaysia.

In the evening we watch fishermen catching squid from a rock (top photo); in the morning, we eat fresh squid in a restaurant built on top of the adjoining rock. (Did I mention it was fresh?)

As for the sunsets… here are a few stills…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Or, if you want the whole panorama,

Too many pictures for one post; to be continued…



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