Batu Ferringhi

[note: this was posted out of chronological order. It comes after “In-and-around Georgetown”, if you want to read that first].

Saturday night we bounce through the crowded, festive streets of Little India, and grabbed cheap local food at the Southern Indian-style diner. Sunday, we settle at peaceful resort on the beach. I like contrast!

I am not overly fond of these cushy establishments, found on every accessible tropical beach. They are too well designed (whether by intent or not) to protect rich white tourists from too much proximity to local people. So this is a fairly new experience. Fancy, but not really expensive, so middle-class South Asians can stay here, too. At least during the “low season”, which apparently this is.

Esso and I have different ideas about how to relax…

But this area really belongs to the birds. They patrol the lawn, and when you leave your cocktail unattended, they come and snatch the garnish. A small price to pay for paradise!

7823 bird1     7824 bird3

And just when we think it can’t get any more perfect… a rainbow!

7811 rainbow

Dinner time, and another Indian feast–this time, gourmet North Indian. Yum!

d7828 dinner

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