Nai Yang Beach

The original plan for this trip was to spend about 10 days around Jogja, including a side trip to nearby beaches. After further study, we learn that the road to the beach is a bit difficult, and accomodations at the better beaches are sparse (if not spartan). Although I no longer feel crippled, a bumpy in the road still sends a flash of pain to my spine. Let’s recalibrate the plan for a more pampered experience.

We still want to go to the beach, but we don’t have to stay in Jogja. In terms of access to health care, I will feel safer in Thailand, where Esso can help with translations. The easiest beach destination to fly to is Phuket. And to minimize land transport (which might be stressful), there’s a nice beach just 10 minutes from the airport.

It turns out to be very nice indeed!

After a couple of days, I feel sufficiently strong to go on a snorkeling expedition. There are a couple of dive shops in town, and they are glad to take us along. It’s a short trip to a couple of reef-bound rocks nearby. Since the divers head for a different part of the reef, there are few or no other snorkelers around, which is nice. Also, no jellyfish. And swimming is just the exercise I need to get my spine more functional. A good day all around!



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