Look Inside

The house looks boring from the outside. Inside the front gate, not much space, but a nice old mango tree.

Here is the big front room I demanded–plenty of room for a band to come and jam, and dancers, too! All open, with kitchen and dining area in back. The lady sitting on the couch is Aob, the real estate agent who is showing us the place. The suitcases in front show that we just arrived on moving day.

Second floor: The master bedroom is vast, almost as big as the living room, plus it has a balcony. The mango tree is within reach of the balcony, so we can literally pick fruit from the tree from our bedroom, when it’s in season. In the back are two smaller bedrooms. One for guests, and maybe a TV room here.

Third floor has another two small bedrooms–each, oddly, with its own little bathroom ensuite. But most of the space is open-air, with wonderful views of the neighborhood and distant mountain (Doi Suthep) in the west. I am thinking maybe a meditation garden here, with herbs and flowers.

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Once the papers are signed, I am worrying about furniture, Wi-Fi service (the other utilities are already on), kitchen gear, rugs, piano, But Esso goes right to work, cleaning everything, watering the plants, doing laundry, and arranging flowers for the Spirit house. My trip to the store is for basic hardware and groceries for a couple of days. She gets seeds for the garden–chili peppers, which will grow quickly, and… Papaya? Yes, on our first day here she plants a papaya seed alongside the house, where I would not expect there would be room for a tree to grow. She says it will grow and start bearing fruit in 6 months! What an incredible homemaker. What a perfect partner. What a blessing we have here.

IMG_4734 Flowers

p.s.– I almost forgot to mention the cost of all this is 20,000 baht per month – about $600.

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