New Year, New Life!

Arriving just before the New Year, I have no time for any business, much less touring. I even miss getting a massage for the first three days. But Esso and I resume our easy-going relationship just as if I’d never been gone, even though this is as new an adventure for her as it is for me.

Many businesses are closed for the holiday, but we find an organic restaurant right across the street from our hotel. People are lined up for 30 minutes to get in—almost all of them are Thai, even though the menu is entirely Western. I didn’t realize that Thai people have such devotion to organic food—or that this particular place is so famous.

Looking for something exciting to do for New Years Eve, I see that there is a public party at a business center a couple of miles away, with live music for dancing. Dancing! That sounds good. We love dancing together in private but have not yet done so in public. She is feeling shy, but agrees to go. I put on my most festive shirt, and she puts on a cute dress with a zebra on the front… and on the back!

The Nimman One center is a classy brick-fronted complex around a courtyard, now lit with holiday lights. It’s only around 9 when we arrive, and there’s a band playing, but it’s mellow folk-rock, not danceable. We grab a craft beer from a vendor to help get in the mood and spend some time looking around the trendy shops. Still no dancing. Sit in a hipster-style cafe for a caffeine pick-me-up. This cafe has unusual lighting: it’s all dark, except for little lights hung over each table at eye level. The effect is to make a scene where faces are illuminated all over the darkened room. Artistic genius.

After coffee, the music is still too slow, so we try across the street, in front of the Maya mall. More of a rock band scene, and a festive atmosphere as the hour latens, but still no dancing. Let’s go home while we can still get a ride, and dance there. So we do, and have a great time until midnight, when we collapse, happy and tired, in each other’s arms. Happy 2018! I’m sure it’s going to be a good one.


53 sweet couple


The rest of this week is all busy with house-hunting. Nothing to blog about.

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