Ko Pha Ngan

If you look on TripAdvisor for things to do on this resort island, there’s the notorious Full Moon Party, a dozen or so wonderful beaches, and a handful of dive outfitters. That’s pretty much it for tourist attractions, with FMP being by far the biggest. Today is the full moon, but the party has been canceled this month to observe the cremation of late king. We are only here because I like to visit my friend from California, Tim, who has made this his home.

Our villa at Haad Yao costs less than $30 a night. Without the party crowds everything is quiet and relaxed. Check out the bars on the beach. We celebrate by sharing Sex On The Beach. (The cocktail, of course, not the public offense).


The weather is hot. We are looking for a waterfall to cool. We rent a bike and head for the hills. (Photo at top).  Soon we end up at the very secluded Paradise Falls.


The local family has a bar at the entrance to the waterfall. They collect a nominal entrance fee in exchange for a bottle of drinking water, with the explanation that they need the money to keep the place clean and the road passable (which it is, barely).  Very sweet. Esso gets to chatting with them; I guess not very many Thai people come here. The mom tells us to go to a certain restaurant in the nearby town for the best seafood. I’m skeptical, but we end up there.

We drop the name of the mom at the waterfall, and get smiles. Esso wants some prawns. They serve her a double portion….

… and when she is still hungry, they bring a huge crayfish, and a huge crab–all fresh and local, of course–at no extra charge!

(The square plate is full of empty prawn shells)   img_3754.jpg

Back on the beach, time for massage. I have to interrupt it to get a photo of the sunset. Life’s little challenges…

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