Lipa Noi

Since my return flight would leave from Ko Samui, I must return there from Chiang Mai. This is the first time I have come to Thailand with no stop in Bangkok, and I really don’t miss it.

Getting to Ko Samui turns out to be not as simple as I thought. There is a direct flight, but it is nearly full, and four times the price as my northbound flight was! Since I don’t want to waste money, I fly to the nearby  mainland port of Surat Thani. There is a ferry directly from the airport to the island. But this dictates my choice of destination on the island. Since I will be arriving late, I look for lodging near the ferry port on the west side. There are further complications as well…but at last I end up at a sweet, quiet beach resort at Lipa Noi.


This is the complete opposite of the frantic little town of Chaweng. The beach, which streatches for miles, is nearly deserted. Only two events worthy of note: one, a refreshing rain storm (lasting a couple of hours). My beachside bungalow is a lovely spot to listen to the rain.

Then, a surprise on the beach as a neighboring farmer walks by with his buffalo.

1060 Buffalo

This small island has such contrasts, and made me feel so comfortable, that I would like to come visit here again. Also its little airport has the hippest departure lounge I’ve seen just about anywhere. So long, Ko Samui! See you again, Thailand!



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