Big Rock by Moonlight

Back home, and ready to hit the landscape for a hike. This time, by moonlight.


Big Rock is the trailhead. We start around 6:30, as the sun is beginning to sink into the western fog.

The view over the upper part of Lucas Valley, toward San Pablo Bay.


Poppies just beginning to bloom hereIMG_1121

The trail heads up into a canyon before climbing the ridge. Finding a little waterfall, and watching the water under the bridge is a rare pleasure. (Turn up the sound!)

Even better, higher on the ridge, where water is even rarer, a little seasonal marsh is alive with the sound of frogs.

Further up the trail, above the Skywalker Ranch, we begin to see the Cloud Goddess coming to meet us. It’s getting darker, and cold, with the wind blowing from the cloud. The atmosphere sparkles exhilaration and fresh potential.

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With the sun gone, we retrace our steps by moonlight. The camera can’t discern the trail in this soft light, but the naked eye thrives on the subtlety.


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