The Dive

Did I mention that Tim’s house is in a resort area with a lot of dive shops?
Did I mention that Tim is an avid diver, and has been urging Kitty to try it?
So when we were approached on the beach by a dive instructor offering an introductory diving experience for newbies, it was an easy sale. The nearby shop has a very high rating in online reviews, too.

Since Tim is already certified, he will be free to take videos while we are being instructed (and then led on a tour). We are going to Sail Rock, a local mecca for divers. (It’s a small rock, so we are never out of sight of other divers, but it’s not actually crowded).

Here we go!

After getting accustomed to our equipment, and balancing the pressure in our ears (a bit troublesome for me), we start to tour, the instructor literally dragging us around while we merely drift. The first few minutes of this, I’m just amazing at the sensation of floating freely through the water, 8 meters down. (Video is extremely color-challenged—this is not what it actually looks like).

Altogether, the tour around the rock is about 20 minutes. Here are some highlights. While editing the clips, I also adjusted the color. Still not as vivid as being there, of course. I definitely had some “Finding Nemo” moments!

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