Dancing Trees in Winter

A bunch of photos, mostly from February, from Helen Putnam Park. This little park is off the radar for most people, and also underrated by me before I explored some of the less-visited corners of it.

After the first rains of winter, I walked a shady path to admire the greening. The oaks have only begun to awaken from their summer sleep, while the small grasses rejoice in rebirth. Quite an amazing time to feel the land’s emotions.

HP Path greening (Nov).jpg

The path leads to the top of the ridge, with this (almost) 360° view…

Along the way, some exceptional mini-shrines… (mouse over or click to see captions)

You noticed that the video doesn’t show views in all directions, even though it’s a 360° pan. Okay, the north and east view is here:

HP view north.jpg

On the left, the fog is rolling up the Russian River valley. Center, Geyser Peak; further east, Mt. St. Helena, and at the far right, Sonoma Mountain.

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