This is just for fun.

Last summer a mother turkey and her flock of little polts (I just learned that word yesterday! Imagine!) were frequenting our land. Around my house they were a bit shy, which is why this video had to be shot through the screen door.

But as the summer progressed, I saw them hanging around the landlord’s house more, and being less afraid of people. I later found out that Ailish had been feeding them. Well, no wonder!

Come October, no more sight of the turkeys. They had become so familiar, I noticed them missing. Ailish and I, separately, came to suspect that they had wandered too close to a neighbor’s house and gotten caught, to be raised as food.

Sad story? No, that’s not the end. Because today, in front of my house, right at the gate… and then, right outside the kitchen door…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

P.S.–Just as I hit the “publish” button, I glanced out the window, to see the same pair right outside my front door (inside the gate).

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